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Oct 2, 2012 12:00pm PDT
other big story for the style, the fight for the senate. elizabeth warren and scott brown face-off again. >> i'll tell you the right way to watch the debates. you're in "the cycle" for tuesday, october 2nd. >>> we're sizing up the candidates before tomorrow's fight night in denver. "the cycle's" ringside for all the action. the weigh-in is over, and now it's time to enter the ring. in one corner, president obama "no drama" obama and in the other governor williard mitt tens romney. both are keeps expectations low but both step into the ring with plenty of debate experience in the past five years. can either deliver a knockout punch without going below the bench? do we search body punches over job plans? will romney be over the ropes for taxes, bill obama be bum rushed for specifics. will jim lair send them to certain corners. after some debate of our own, we compiled our own list of what to watch. wasn't easy. here's a glimpse into the editorial brainstorm. >> the president has a double-edged sword being the president, because he's got a lot of command of detail, he understands
Sep 26, 2012 9:00am PDT
pocahontas, scott brown/elizabeth warren race. the increasingly nasty campaign and examine a few other head scratchers ahead on "now." . >>> andrew rosen is the fourth generation of rosenwatch tanks. find his mamly's hand made wooden tanks on roof tons. even today these tanks are shaped by hand with half century old tools. he says you don't throw out what works. you just build upon it. for more watch your business kwois sunday morning at 7:30 on msnbc. most of the pain i experience is in my knees. when i think of aspirin, i really think of it as that bottle in the back of my parents' medicine cabinet. finding bayer advanced was huge. i was really surprised by how well it worked. and i'd definitely use it again. put bayer advanced aspirin to the test for yourself at i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
Oct 2, 2012 1:00pm EDT
warren/brown debate. >> if you're going to comment on my record i would have you refer to -- >> can we just -- if this is going to be -- >> excuse me. i'm not a student in your classroom. please let me respond, okay. thank you. >> plus, there they go again. those inmates at the famous filipino prison hit the yard gangham style. ♪ >> and good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. only one day to go before mitt romney faces off against president obama in denver and our new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows voters across the nation are placing more importance on these debates than the last time a sitting president ran and was challenged. joining me chris cizilla, managing editor of post and nbc political editor mark murray. mark, first to you, go through the numbers on the new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. others have shown tightening of the race. when you asked voters whether they are looking to these debates more than last time did. >> people are paying attention. four in ten saying this is going to matter, be important to their vote, although wor
Oct 2, 2012 10:00am PDT
the clip of scott brown and elizabeth warren, i don't think that's what's going to happen tomorrow night. >> mark, we've seen a lot of evidence so far and see more when we go through the numbers tonight in the nbc news "wall street journal" poll the final numbers when they come out how important do you think the 47% comment is? because we've seen a real shift with mitt romney trying to show his empathy. he uses the term empathy, caring, how much he cares about middle-class voters? >> we're going to see that come up as a question i'm pretty sure at the debate and you look at the polls that have come out before the nbc/"wall street journal" poll, i will not give away the stuff chuck will be reporting on tonight but in other surveys there have been damage done by the 47%. i don't think it's been fatal. a lot of the national polls have been showing a tight race with president obama around 49, 50%, mitt romney in the mid 40s or so, so mitt romney is within striking distance right now but there's no doubt that 47% comment did hurt him. >> chris cizilla, a decision today in pennsylvania, a lega
Oct 2, 2012 3:00am PDT
trotting, what can i say? hi, willie. >> what was your initial reaction to the elizabeth warren/scott brown debate. >> scott brown fell into the trap that sometimes male politicians fall into when they debate women. he looked overbearing and angry. and you particularly can't do that when you're debating a woman candidate. i thought he was in a lot of trouble as a result of this. he's behind anyway, but now he looks mad, angry, and i think that's a -- >> okay. well, that race is fascinating. the debate was last night and we have fascinating clips of that. and also the look at preparations of the presidential debates a day away. but first, we'll start with afghanistan. nato's secretary general says there's a possibility that western forces could be withdrawn from afghanistan more quickly than previously planned. he suggested the deadly spike of insider attacks has hit the morale of former troops serving in the war zone. and today's front page of the "new york times" claims the u.s. is abandoning its hopes for a peace deal with the taliban. the "times" reports american officials are essentiall
Sep 26, 2012 7:00am PDT
. you've about got warren harding who was always drunk and making love in a closet. corrupt. you've got herbert hoover, decent made who made a screw -u on the depression. and calvin coolidge. he gave his wife a present, a bag of socks. 53 socks, darned the holes in them. that was the kind of imagination calvin cool lilk had. then you have george -- and in the poll, i have to say i don't think "newsweek" would mind this coming out, but i was told that among the worst presidents they chose the worst presidents. there were two. republicans. warren harding of the drunking whiskey party and george w. bush. >> really. from the historians. >> that's from the historians. >> what else can you tell us that "newsweek" might not want us to know? >> i don't know. my lips o sealed. it's an incredibly interesting poll because if you go back -- if you go back, you get washington, jefferson. true, washington was the greatest man in american history, but to do from theodore res velt the inspired idea of "newsweek's", i thought, and i thought the historians -- the individual rankings are being published i
Oct 2, 2012 3:00am PDT
last night's debate between scott walker and elizabeth -- scott brown and elizabeth warren. it is a little early. and the winner has already pronounced to be david gregory. mitt romney's trash collector is talking. paul ryan has a hard time doing his math homework and best of all, a man with a doubly phallic name has endorsed governor romney. first, here's lisa. >> good morning everyone. it's not about whether you win or lose. it's how you play the game unless you're running for president then it is about winning but not according to mitt romney. in his version of reality where the polls are made up and the results don't matter he says the debates are about something bigger than winning. they're a chance for each candidate to present their funeral path to -- their future path to america. the president has said something very similar. his campaign said do not expect any big attacks because mr. obama just wants to continue his conversation with the american people. but romney is still prepping some zingers
Oct 2, 2012 8:00pm EDT
, thank you for being with us. we have warren decker. joining us from boston, a professor alan schroeder. he has 50 -- 50 years of high risk tv. what makes a good debate and a good debater? >> i think the difference between a really good debate from my standpoint, intercollegiate debate, and debates we see at the presidential level is that a really good debate would be characterized by some depth of clash and arguments back and forth between the two. a lot of that is missing from presidential debate. the testing of ideas comes from that clash. without that clash, i think the debates to not serve quite the punch. in presidential debates, the primary function they serve is to fill in the blanks in between, give the challenger and opportunity to be on the same stage, as laura was indicating. they serve a valuable function. comparing them to the types of debates at the collegiate level is unfair, i think. >> alan schroeder, you called this a high risk television. why? >> it is a television show more than a traditional debate. a debate is the word we have used. back in 1961 they were doing th
Sep 25, 2012 6:00am PDT
with a very very strong endorsement of elizabeth warren, which means a lot of get out to vote and union people showing up for support. >> stephanie: you talk about the kind of people he has hired and the kind of campaign he is running. as you say this is a shrewd man who is incredibly thin skinned it is very likely he has offended himself against the pivotal figure he told everybody he was three years ago. >> and paul ryan has the same problem. these two guys have bought their own celebrity. >> stephanie: i'm serious. >> it says so right here in the newspaper. >> stephanie: exactly. warren has pulled ahead, but not by much, right? >> i think the poll average -- because there's a funky [ inaudible ] boston harold poll which has scott brown ahead and that has brought the average down. i think she is probably closer to being ahead by three or four but it's extraordinarily fluid, and there are local factors that will play into it. john keerny is probably going to lose to an out-gay republican. >> stephanie: wow. >> his family was involved in this off-shore gambling thing, a
FOX Business
Oct 1, 2012 4:00pm EDT
at that. up arrows across the board. david: ibm, you knew it was a pick when warren buffet went in there. today, look at this, an all time 10-year high at the top there trading at $210.43 per share. that was a 1.5% jump today. a nice big move by ibm. fed chairman ben bernanke says he does not see a recession coming. well, he's not alone. the economic data led other leading economists to say we are already in a recession. coming up, we'll ask famedded harvard university economists martin feldstein if we're in a recession. are we at risk in falling into one? we'll ask the great professor coming up. lauren: a good question. adt making the stock market debut today, but traders were not showing it love. a fix business interview, the ceo makes his case to investors. david: stay tuned, what drove the markets. major index sighs well off session highs following the federal reserve chairman ben bernanke's remarks. the dow and the s&p close in the green while the nasdaq landed in the re. consumer staples and health care were the best performing sectors. technology and telecom lagged. u.s. manufactu
Sep 28, 2012 11:00am EDT
? >> george: lindsey warren, come on down. you're the next contestant on "the price is right." ( cheers and applause ) >> drew: lindsey! welcome to the show. good luck to you. next prize, please, george. >> george: a new kayak! ( cheers and applause ) it's the scrambler 11 from ocean kayak. stable and maneuverable, this kayak is great for the paddler who wants to surf a little, fish a little or just cruise ound. includes paddle, life jacket and seatback. from ocean kayak. >> drew: thanks, amber. lipsy what do you bid? >> 700. >> drew: $700. kathleen? >> 1100. >> drew: how much? >> s 100. >> drew: 700 and 1100. >> 1101. >> drew: 1101. roger? >> 705. >> drew: 705. actual retail price is $770. roger! i like how you looked at the camera like hey dude, i'm having my moment. i'm having my moment here on "the price is right". roger, where are you from? >> cal apass as. >> drew: what do you do there? >> i'm a stay at home dad, i take care of two golden retrievers. >> drew: man. i would love to see your instagram feed. hey, george, what do we have for him? >> george: a new car! ( cheers and appl
Sep 27, 2012 4:00am PDT
of virginia psychiatrist, dr. janet warren, who testified as an expert witness for the scouts in 2010 in a civil lawsuit filed by a victim of abuse. with me now is tom scales, a survivor of sexual abuse while he was in the scouts. he's now the executive director of the abuse advocation group, voice today. and jason fells helped break the story of abuse in the scouts. tom, you're a survivor of sexual abuse while you were in the scouts, you say. what's your reaction to this study from a psychiatrist who says that young men, boys in the scouts are just as safe as they are in broader society? >> i think they missed the whole point. the whole point, really is, how do we protect children and what happens to all these children, and recognize that many, many, many young men -- i've never reported mine, and many young men don't report. and the stigma of the abuse, the cultural barriers to a young man speaking out. so they have no basis in fact. they can talk only about reported numbers. the reported numbers like most of the statistics around child sexual abuse are generally accepted as being v
Oct 2, 2012 4:00am PDT
to paint himself as an outsider in a dysfunctional washington. warren said he makes a different case behind closed doors and also said republicans, including brown, are out to block president obama's economic agenda. >> could the -- wow! >> football player. >> could the desks of mahmoud ahmadi nechlt jad be -- then he never left. now in hiding and seeking asylum in the u.s. we asked his american toerp why he felt he had to leave. >> he does not want to continue to live in the regime. he is offended by how the regime treats people, how it treats its enemies, the iranian people, about the level of persecution there and he also has concerns now about his own safety. >> his attorney tells us that the videographer's family has also fled iran. >> those who have the iphone 5, check your data usage. apple support forums online are being overloaded with complaints about a bug that drains data cellular usage. apple has not publicly commented but did already release a software upgrade with a bug fix. >>> very rough monday night for tony romo and the chicago bears. picking off the dallas quarterback fi
Sep 28, 2012 8:00pm EDT
was a bill by senator pat warren who happens to be a democrat here in omaha. i chose his for my party bill. it puts in place here in nebraska a process whereby a citizen can challenge a rule or regulation to make sure it meets legislative intent. so i have always been concerned about rules and regulations. we need to look at something like that of the federal level. we need to use a committee process at the federal level. one senator is not going to be a to make all these changes on their own. but if you use a committee process and look at those rules and regulations that have a certain economic impact, that is a good way to start. here in nebraska we look at the dust. we have all heard about the farm dust and how really ridiculous that rule was. sen. kerrey mention the emissions of our public power plant that is of deep concern because in nebraska, we're so fortunate we have public power and lower electric rates. it helps us all as consumers, but also helps us to draw businesses to our state, to grow businesses. it is an advantage to come to nebraska because of those rates. you grow jobs
Oct 1, 2012 3:00am PDT
happen. >> i completely agree. we've had jokes hit the white house before. warren harding might not be able to get the white house with 24 hour news cycles, the more cameras on the candidates, the harder for i imbecile's to get there. >> anything can happen that isn't handled perfectly. as we saw in 2007 or 2008, that can be a game-changer. in a race this close even on the national level i think we need to be mindful of that. if anything, it should be getting us up earlier us getting more coffee to walk those precincts and explain how important it is to vote and make sure everybody has the proper identification to get in there and cast their ballots. if you were worried about mitt romney and now taking solace in the fact that he is now behind in the poles you need to get off your couch. >> every time they said he has it wrapped up, 10 more people stay home. >> he's going to be gone in four years. do you want a great crop of candidates governorships across the country that can take his place when it's time? you need to think about this. republicans spend a lot of effort filling t
Sep 27, 2012 3:00am PDT
chants and tomahawk chops at a campaign rally. senator brown has challenged elizabeth warren's claim that she is of native american heritage. brown's campaign released a statement last night offering regrets. not a full apology, saying his staffers got their one and only warning on that. jim vandehei still with us. you're talking about this morning that race in missouri, todd akin still has a chance, reports politico. >> yeah. i mean, the polls are not great for todd akin ever since he made those comments that got him in a heck of a lot of trouble in missouri and certainly with republicans he's now down in a state that republicans have to win if they want to win back control of the senate. and what's interesting is it's a little -- it's a case study in the divide inside the republican party. you have rick santorum, newt gingrich, other conservatives rallying around akin and calling on washington leaders to put money into that race. they still think it's winnable. in an interview with us, akin said, listen, my eyes have been opened. i now see how many people don't understand conservat
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)